RESAVER has been travelling a lot this year: meetings and workshops took place in Denmark, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Estonia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hungary and Austria!

Workshops were held at the Flemish Interuniversity Council, the 2017 CERCA Institute Conference, the EURAXESS Conference in The Hague, the LERU Research Careers meeting, and at many other events. You can watch the presentation of RESAVER at the Marie Curie Alumni Association Annual Conference in Salamanca or read about the HR Excellence workshop in Tallin.

For a complete overview of the progress and concrete implementation of RESAVER, please read the attached newsletter.

RESAVER is the first multi-country, multi-employer European pension solution for research organisations and their mobile employees. It is fully operational with the first participating institution contributing into the fund since April 2017.

RESAVER enables mobile researchers to remain affiliated to the same pension fund when moving between different countries and changing jobs. By participating in RESAVER, research organisations will be able to attract top-tier researchers and benefit from a more efficient management of pension plans.

The European Commission and the RESAVER Consortium are working to implement RESAVER across the European Economic Area. The participation of more research organisations in RESAVER is crucial to foster the mobility of research professionals and to ensure that mobile employees in the research sector maintain their occupational pension benefits. For these reasons, all public and private research organisations (universities, research centres and companies) are invited to join RESAVER.


For further information, contact: RTD-PENSION-FUND@ec.europa.eu


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