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    National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
    Recognised Researcher (R2)
    30/08/2019 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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[Explanation of institution (recruitment background, institution details, explanation of project, etc.)]
Astronomy Data Center (ADC) of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) is operating the open-use computer systems for astronomical data analysis and also providing astronomical database and archive systems for delivering observational data to support astronomical activities in the world. SMOKA(http://smoka.nao.ac.jp/) is one of these systems for providing raw data from various optical and infrared ground based observatories like Subaru Telescope, Okayama Astrophysical Observatory's 188cm telescope, Kiso Schmidt Telescope of The University of Tokyo, MITSuME telescopes of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Kanata Telescope of Hiroshima University, and is contributing very much to scientific research and educational activities.

[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]
Successful candidates spend 50 % of the time on their own scientific research. It is strongly recommended to do research related to the data stored in ADC and other archive systems. The remaining time should be used on the duties for promoting effective operation of SMOKA and related systems and data quality assurance and/or calibrations of data stored in SMOKA. The successful candidates are also expected to join to works on improvement and/or optimization of SMOKA system.

[Address of work location and other information]
Mitaka, Tokyo

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[Starting date]
as soon as reasonably possible after the decision of the employment


(1) Project Research Fellow is a full-time position (38h45min working hours/week) employed under the scheme of the annual salary system of NINS.
(2) The fellow will receive a monthly salary of 350,000 JPY plus compensation for commuting expenses (up to 55,000 JPY per month), and annual research funds of 500,000 JPY. Social insurance will be applied. Bonus and retirement allowances are not provided. The travel and relocation costs to NAOJ will be covered, subject to the travel regulations of NINS.
(3)Work Type & Work Hours: Discretionary Work shall be applied (Standard work hours: 38.75 hrs/week, from 8:30 to 17:15 with an hour intermission.)
(4)Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays, National Holidays, New Year Holidays (December 29 – January 3).
(5) The qualification to apply for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research is given. (Please feel free to ask the details of application requirements and items to be able to apply in advance.)

Additional comments

Abiding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, NAOJ is committed to the realization of a society with gender equality. If two candidates are deemed equal in their performance evaluation, NAOJ will take positive action to employ women. For details, see http://open-info.nao.ac.jp/danjokyodo/

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National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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