Seeking Research Scientists (NPLM1901)(Nonequilibrium physics of living matter RIKEN Hakubi Research Team)

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    29/05/2020 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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Nonequilibrium physics of living matter RIKEN Hakubi Research Team
RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research
(RIKEN Hakubi Team Leader: Kyogo Kawaguchi)

[Research Field]
Our team is looking for researchers who have a wide range of interests, from theory to experiment, to advance life science research through physical approaches. We have open postdoc positions for an image analysis project (theory/analysis) and for the live imaging of collective cell behaviors (experiment).

For more information, please refer to the following website:
Nonequilibrium physics of living matter

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Job title, available positions:
Research Scientist 1-2 positions

Job Description:
Our lab is investigating cell fate commitment and multicellular dynamics using live cell imaging techniques and theoretical physics. We are currently a group of three physicists (including PI) and two technical staffs, and looking to add members who are interested in the following research projects.

1.In collaboration with Nicolas Rivron Group (IMBA, Vienna, Austria) [1] and Shantanu Singh Group (Broad Institute, Boston, USA) [2], we will analyze 3D images from organoids to extract features and estimate the cell behavior dynamics (Human Frontier Young Investigators' grant). We are especially looking for researchers with a strong background in image analysis/machine learning who are generally interested in contributing to basic biology/developing analysis methods based on statistical physics[3].
2.We are investigating the principles of multicellular dynamics using in vitro cultures of neural stem cells [4] and epithelial stem cells. We are looking for researchers who have a strong background in cell culture and genetic engineering experiments who are open to learning new techniques and analytical methods.

For more details, please contact by email (kyogo.kawaguchi[at]riken.jp).

・[1] Rivron, N. C. et al. Blastocyst-like structures generated solely from stem cells. Nature, 557, 106 (2018).
・[2] Bray, M. A. et al. Cell Painting, a high-content image-based assay for morphological profiling using multiplexed fluorescent dyes. Nat. Protoc., 11, 1757 (2016).
・[3] Mesa K. R.#, Kawaguchi K.#, Cockburn K.# et al. (# co-first authors) Homeostatic Epidermal Stem Cell Self-Renewal Is Driven by Local Differentiation. Cell Stem Cell, 23, 5 (2018).
・[4] Kawaguchi K, Kageyama R, and Sano M, Topological defects control collective dynamics in neural progenitor cell cultures. Nature, 545, 327 (2017).

[Work location]
RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (Kobe Campus 1)
2-2-3 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 650-0047, Japan

[Start of Employment]
As soon as possible (Negotiable).


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RIKEN(The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)

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