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    National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
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    30/08/2019 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]
The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) has been playing a key role in the forefront of astronomical research worldwide, as demonstrated in the construction and operation of large-scale astronomical facilities such as Subaru Telescope, ALMA, and TMT (Thirty-Meter Telescope) as well as in the development of space-based instruments such as Hinode Satellite for solar observation, in the effort to promote cutting-edge astronomy utilizing these advanced telescopes. The NAOJ Advanced Technology Center (ATC), the research center for advanced technology development to support these important astronomical programs, has been producing successful results in the development of various astronomical instruments.
We invite applications for an Associate Professor position at the ATC. This position is for a person who will work as a research staff at the ATC to develop the next-generation heterodyne receivers at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths for the future radio astronomical programs such as ALMA2 project, and will also provide key System Engineering expertise for future ALMA development. According to top-level science requirements as shown in the ALMA Development Roadmap, the successful candidate is expected to lead research and development of unprecedented receivers with ultra-low noise performance corresponding to the quantum noise, ultra-wide band in both RF and IF, multi-pixels, and so on, which are not on extension of conventional technologies. Another important responsibility of this position is to lead the execution of ALMA upgrades, new proposals and implementations of the next-generation of receivers and other hardware sub-systems to enhance the capability of the current ALMA telescope, providing Systems Engineering expertise to the NAOJ ALMA Project. He/she is expected to contribute to the international planning of ALMA Development, through participation in review meetings and Working Groups. Fostering of young scientists, engineers and technicians including PhD's students is also required as part of the responsibility. The selected candidate will be employed as an Associate Professor at the NAOJ ATC, but may possibly transferred to other divisions related to ALMA or others.
As required qualifications for this position, applicants are expected to have a wide range of experience and skills in the field of radio astronomy and instrumentation, and have leadership and system engineering ability to strongly promote astronomical research and development keeping up with the demands of the times.

[Area of Expertise]
Applied physics, Electric/Electronic Engineering, System Engineering, and/or Radio Astronomy

[Address of work location and other information]
Mitaka, Tokyo

[Available positions (Job title, number of positions, etc.)]
one Associate Professor

[Starting date]
The candidate should be able to start as soon as possible after the job offer has been accepted.


Work Type:Discretionary Work
Standard Work Hours:38.75hrs/week,from 8:30 to 17:15 with an hour intermission.
No Work Days:Saturday and Sunday, National Holidays, New Year Holidays(December 29-January 3)
Paid Annual Leave Entitlement:20 days(to be prorated for the first year),Summer Holidays(3days),etc.
Monthly salary and allowance:
Shall be paid based on National Institute of Natural Sciences Regulations.
Health Insurance: Pension Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance

Additional comments

•The NAOJ Advisory Committee for Research and Management will make the final decision for the appointment.
•Policy for Equal Employment Opportunity: Abiding by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, NAOJ is committed to the realization of a society with gender equality. If two candidates are deemed equal in their performance evaluation, NAOJ will take positive action to employ women. For details, see http://open-info.nao.ac.jp/danjokyodo/

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National Institutes of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

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