Application for Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology (Laboratory of Food Functional Chemistry) Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

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    30/09/2019 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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Department of Food Science and Technology develops technologies to fully utilize food resources, especially marine bio-resources, through chemical, microbiologic, physical and engineering techniques. Furthermore, it provides education and research which secure the safety of foods, develop foods with new functions, and evaluate them. The successful applicant is expected to conduct educational activities regarding food functional chemistry as well as education and researches regarding Food Science in the department.

The successful applicant will contribute to a part of following courses in graduate and undergraduate programs (in addition to the 70% effort devoted to research):

[Undergraduate Course of Food Science and Technology, School of Maine Life Science]

Freshman Seminar, Methods of Self-expression, Chemistry, Chemistry in Food Safety and Preservation, Chemistry: Fundamental Experiments, Study Tour of Food Production Systems, Introductory Labs for Food Science and Technology, Fundamental Food Chemistry Labs, Food Chemistry Labs, Training in Food Science and Technology, Seminar, and Graduation Thesis, and other lectures and lab courses

[Master's Course of Food Science and Technology, Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology]

Food Functional Chemistry, Trans-laboratory Internship of Food Science and Technology I/II (Chemistry in Food Safety and Preservation), Special Seminar in Food Science, and Research in Food Science, and other lectures and lab courses

One tenure-track Assistant Professor (full-time)

April 1st, 2020


*Wages, benefits and other conditions are equivalent to the tenured faculty members.

Salary and allowance: Paid in accordance with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Pay Rules, etc.

Social insurance: Mutual Aid Association (health insurance), welfare pension, employment insurance and workers' compensation insurance

De Facto Working Hours under Discretionary Labor System:38 hours 45 minutes per week (7 hours 45 minutes per day)

Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and year-end holidays (December 29 - January 3)

Probationary Period: 6 months

Mid-term and final reviews for the tenure-track Assistant Professor:
A tenure-track period of 5 years is applied. A mid-term review will be carried out during the 3rd year while the final review will be carried out during the 5th year of the tenure-track period. With the favourable outcome of the final review, the tenure-track Assistant Professor will be hired as a tenured faculty member.

Additional comments

Retirement age system is applied to all the tenured faculty on March 31 or the end of the fiscal/academic year in which he or she reaches the age of 63. Re-employment for two additional years will be available after the retirement.

Based on the revised Health Promotion Law (Article 78, 2018) and Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance for preventing second-hand smoke, our university has prohibited smoking inside all its campuses except for smoking space.

Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology is committed to a policy of equal opportunity. The University welcomes applications from all the qualified persons, regardless of gender and nationality.

Effective on February 1, 2016, each faculty member of the University formally belongs to one of the Departments, or to one of the Research and Education Institutions, and undertakes responsibility for education at the graduate and undergraduate Schools of the University.

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