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    10/09/2019 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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◆Number of positions
Six positions

◆Starting date and duration of employment
Starting date: April 1, 2020
Duration: Three years from the starting date of employment (with no option for extensions or reassignments)
Regardless of job title, if an employment contract with the university has existed at any time since April 1, 2013, the period of employment may differ from the above description.

◆Duties and Responsibilities
1. In addition to individual research activities, the following duties are to be undertaken:
editorial tasks for “The Waseda Journal of Political Science and Economics" and other journals of the Faculty; tasks related to entrance examinations, regular exams, symposia, and research activities in research institutes of the Faculty; and engaging in lectures, seminars, and research activities of the Faculty. There may be other duties assigned by the Faculty, as appropriate.

2. Assistant Professor (without tenure) “Jokyo" can teach up to 2 courses per week or 8 credit-based courses throughout the academic year, in addition to the duties outlined above. At Waseda University, the academic calendar consists of two 15-week semesters. Fifteen lectures/seminar sessions, each lasting for 90 minutes, make a two-credit course. The university will pay JPY 12,000 per month as an extra services allowance for 90 minutes teaching per week.
(If you teach part of a course, the amount will be decided in accordance with your teaching load.)


◆Salary/ Working Conditions
(1) Salary and allowances
Salary and allowances will be paid in accordance with the regulations of the University. The salaries of Research Associates and Assistant Professors (without tenure) “Jokyo" are the same. However, for Assistant Professors (without tenure) “Jokyo," an extra services allowance will be paid in accordance with the number of courses taught. (For more details, please refer to “Duties and Responsibilities".)

(2) Duty hours
Scheduled working days and working hours (when you start/finish, rest periods) are based on the university regulations. The discretionary labor system for professional work will be applied to research work. Considering the nature of research work, working hours and the way to proceed with work are at the discretion of each faculty member.

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Waseda University is committed to enhancing the diversity of its faculty in order to promote globalization and gender equality on campus. In all matters related to faculty recruitment and promotion, the University prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of national origin, gender, religion, creed, political affiliation, or disability.

Work location(s)
1 position(s) available at
Waseda University

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