Assistant Professor (Sanitary Entomology Lab.)

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    29/11/2019 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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[Explanation of institution (recruitment background, institution details, explanation of project, etc.)]
Kyushu University is seeking an experienced individual with expertise in teaching and research for appointment as a tenured Assistant Professor in the Sanitary Entomology Laboratory, Division of Agrobiological Science, Department of Bioresource Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture.
The goal of the Division of Agrobiological Science is to systemically train superior researcher with a deep understanding and high insight on the sustainable and stable supply, innovative production technology, protection management, and preservation of biological environment of food resources organisms. The division systematically organizes each subject from the perspective of the basic, advanced and practical sciences, and undertakes multilayered education under the assignment and collaboration of each research field within the major and under the supervision system.
The Sanitary Entomology Laboratory is engaged in education and research on insect-borne pathogens and function of host insects.
The duties and responsibilities of this position are education and research on:
(1)Genome analysis and genetic manipulation of insect-borne pathogens and their hosts.
(2)Surveillance of insect-borne pathogens and analysis of interactions between pathogens and their hosts.
(3)Development of vaccines and detection system of infectious diseases transmitted by insects.
This position also belongs to “Insect Science and Creative Entomology Center" in Kyushu University.

[Job details (duties, subject responsible for, etc.)]
The successful candidate will be expected to teach the following subjects and supervise research activities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in Japanese and English.

(1)Graduate School of Bioresources and Bioenvironmental Sciences
・Master's Course
(Agrobiological Science Course)
Advanced studies in Agrobiological Science, Project research in Agrobiological Science, Seminar in Agrobiological Science I, II, Advanced Studies in Agrobiological Science I, II
(International Course)
Seminar in a Specified Field I, II, Master's Thesis Research I, II
・Doctorial Course
(Agrobiological Science Course)
Research Training on Agrobiological Science, Advanced Topics on Agrobiological Science, Tutorial on Agrobiological Science, Teaching Practice, Presentation Skill for Academic Meeting, Internship, Project Research
(International Course)
Research Training on Agrobiological Science, Advanced Topics on Agrobiological Science, Tutorial on Agrobiological Science, Teaching Practice, Presentation Skill for Academic Meeting, Internship, Project Research

(2)Undergraduate School
(Program of Agronomy, Agricultural Resources, Engineering and Economics Course, School of Agriculture)
In charge as necessary
(Kikan Education)
Basic Laboratory Experiments in Natural Science

In charge as necessary.

[Address of work location and other information]
819-0395 Motooka 744, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan

[Available positions (Job title, number of positions, etc.)]
One Assistant Professor (tenured)

[Starting date]
April 1, 2020

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[Details of salary, working hours, holiday, period of employment and insurance, accommodation, etc.]
Appointment level to be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Salary and benefits are specified in the Kyushu University regulations. Appointment at the level of Assistant Professor may be made as a Faculty Member (Annual Salary), and the Annual salary scheme may apply. For details please visit the following university websites (in Japanese):

Additional comments

Kyushu University is an equal opportunity employer and follows the principles of the Basic Act for the Disabled Persons (Act. No.84 of 1970, revised in 2004 and 2011), Basic Act for Gender Equal Society (Act No.78 of 1999), Act on Employment Promotion etc. of Persons with Disabilities (Act No. 123 of 1960, revised in 2013), and the Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Act No. 65 of 2013).
(2) Kyushu University deployed the System of Employment of Faculty Members with Accompanying Spouse (July, 2017 and amended January, 2018).
For further information, visit the following university website (in Japanese), which links to Kyushu University Guidelines for this system (in English): http://danjyo.kyushu-u.ac.jp/notice/view.php?cId=2600&
(3) For more information about the Faculty of Agriculture, please visit the following website. (http://www.agr.kyushu-u.ac.jp/).

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