Programme Manager or Researcher, Sustainable Consumption and Production Area (SCP)

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    24/11/2019 23:59 - Asia/Tokyo
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The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies conducts interdisciplinary policy research to promote sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region. IGES has been expanding its research and operations to create impacts in society, as well as developing networks of research institutes and takeholders.
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I. Position now Open
Sustainable Consumption and Production Area (SCP)
Programme Manager (Senior Staff) or Researcher (Professional Staff): 1

(Position Outline)
IGES Sustainable Consumption and Production Area (SCP) contributes to the actions of the governments, business, and civil society toward enabling sustainable consumption and production through conducting researches and leading international programmes and projects including the following.

- International Cooperation Programmes and Projects
• The Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme of the One Planet Network (the UN 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns): IGES plays the key role as the coordination desk to develop, implement, and monitor projects facilitating sustainable lifestyles all over the world, in close cooperation
with international organisations, governments, and civil society organisations.
• EU SWITCH-Asia Programme: IGES supports national governments in Asia in formulating SCP Policies and Strategies.
• IGES Centre Cooperating with UNEP for Environment Technologies (CCET): IGES supports national and local governments in policy formulation and capacity development of municipal solid waste management and 3R.
• IGES contributes to policy dialogues on resource efficiency and circular economy held by the OECD, G20, G7, and so on.

- International Joint-Research Projects
• Research on Policy Design and Evaluation to Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns in Asian Region
• Action-research on the impact of lifestyles on carbon emissions and the co-creation of scenarios for future low-carbon lifestyles
• Research on the policies in regulating and reducing plastic consumption and waste in Asia (contributing to the EU-ASEAN dialogue)

Asian countries have undergone rapid economic growth during the past decades, leading to the increasing trend of resource use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generation. However, these countries have become proactive in introducing transformative policies, business models, and civil societies' actions to meet the increasing demand while minimizing the negative impacts. To realise sustainable societies, further accelerated transformation to the sustainable consumption and production is desired in the region. Therefore, IGES SCP area is collaborating with the partners to strengthen the regional platform for sharing scientific and practical knowledge, tools and methodologies, and supporting capacity development of the key actors, building on the experience and partnerships that have developed. IGES calls for a programme manager or a researcher who plays a central role in the implementation of the two programmes, namely the One Planet Network SLE Programme and Switch-Asia.

(Duties and responsibilities)
The new Programme Manager/Researcher will work with the staff members of the SCP Area on the following tasks.

1. Support the director of SCP Area in coordinating the One Planet Network Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme

2. Coordination with the implementing partners for
setting the programme's work plan, developing joint projects, organising events, and delivering outputs. Support the director and staff members of SCP Area in implementing projects under the One Planet Network SLE programme
a. Monitoring of and providing technical suggestions (as necessary) to the micro- and small-scale projects in developing countries through online (and potentially on-site) communication.
b. Developing reports summarising the achievements and lessons learned together with project implementers and IGES members.

3. Planning and implementation of projects supporting the SCP policy formulation in two countries in Asia under the SWITCH-ASIA Programme.

4. Support the director of SCP Area in planning and developing of and fund raising for new programmes/projects toward facilitating the capacity development and knowledge sharing in the topics such as Sustainable Lifestyles and Livelihoods, Sustainable Local Development/Local Transition, and Circular Economy.

For the above tasks, the Programme Manager/Researcher will be required to collaborate closely with partners such as UN agencies, aid agencies, regional organisations, national and local governments, business, and civil society organisations.

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1. Salary and Benefit Schemes:
・ Annual Salary
・ Salary is determined based on the responsibilities and assignments in accordance with the IGES Regulations on Remuneration, taking into consideration the applicant's expertise, experience, responsibilities and achievements from his/her previous work.
・ The performance for the year is reflected by a bonus and/or other form.
・ Twenty days paid leave is provided per fiscal year.
・ Special holidays including summer holidays as well as other leave, such as sick leave, are provided in accordance with internal rules.
・ Insurance (health, employee pension, unemployment and workers' accident compensation) is partly covered by IGES.
・ Allowances are provided such as commuting allowance, housing (rent) allowance, retirement allowance, etc.
・ Transportation expenses for appointment relocation will be covered by IGES in accordance with IGES Regulations.

2. Other Conditions
・ Type of employment: Full-time
・ Hours of work: Discretionary Work System.
・ Holidays: Saturdays and Sundays, the end and the beginning of the year (29, 30, 31 of December and 1, 2, 3 of January) and national holidays
・ Health conditions: The applicant should be in good health, physically and mentally.
・ Mission Travel: The applicant should be capable of traveling for missions (abroad as well as within Japan). Frequency of travel expected is dependent on responsibilities. Frequent travel is expected for most professional staff members in the research and operation units.

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