Europe Day 2021 - Special events all over the world

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This is the second year that we celebrate Europe Day in the times of coronavirus. Because of the ongoing restrictions, there will, unfortunately, be no open doors events in Brussels to celebrate Europe Day. The situation also remains precarious in many regions of the world, but this has not stopped our Delegations to come up with a range of innovative online events!

In addition, this year’s Europe Day coincides with the 10th anniversary of the EEAS. We take this opportunity to look back at ten years of EU in the world – and you are invited to join in: participate, for instance, in our quiz “Together we are Europe”, check out our photo exhibition “EU Foreign Policy in Action” or follow our live events with EU Ambassadors around the world.

The past ten years have also shown that the European Union has a stronger voice on the international stage when acting together and that, with united efforts, we will emerge from this crisis stronger. We and our Delegations around the world have prepared for you events that celebrate our unity and see how together we can make a difference in the world.

Join us from home and immerse yourself in hours of culture, information, entertainment and more. Sit back, enjoy and keep safe!


Live chats with EU Ambassadors

What is it like being an EU ambassador? What are the main challenges for a diplomat? What does the EU do in countries outside our borders?

On Europe Day, you will have the unique opportunity to talk to our Ambassadors around the world and ask them your questions!

Around the clock and around the world, the EEAS will be hosting on its official Facebook page seven live sessions, with Ambassadors from each of these regions together on screen:

We count on you to send us your questions on the comments - the Ambassadors are there to give you the answers!

Source: EEAS