Germany: 24 research positions (PostDoc and PhD) in Large-Scale Scientific Data Analysis at Humboldt University Berlin

The DFG-funded Collaborative Research Center 1404 "FONDA–Foundations of Workflows for Large-Scale Scientific Data Analysis" opens 24 research positions (PostDoc and PhD)

List of open positions

FONDA will research innovative foundations of computational infrastructures for the analysis of large scientific data sets.

We are looking for candidates with excellent communication skills and a background in fields like software engineering, distributed systems, algorithm engineering, genome informatics, image analysis, material science, or remote sensing. We offer a family-friendly environment, flexible working hours, and rich opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperations.


FONDA investigates methods for increasing productivity in the development, execution, and maintenance of Data Analysis Workflows for large scientific data sets. We approach the underlying research questions from a fundamental perspective, aiming to find new abstractions, models, and algorithms that can eventually form the basis of a new class of future infrastructures for Data Analysis Workflows