Spain: EMERGIA Fellowships at Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba

Maimonides Biomedical Research Institute of Cordoba (IMIBIC) invites experienced researchers in biomedicine to apply for one of 40 grants under the research talent rescruitment programme EMERGIA.

The EMERGIA call is open to experienced researchers of any nationality who wish to work at universities and research institutions in Andalusia, Spain including IMIBIC. 

Eligible candidates must have obtained their PhD 5 to 12 years before the call deadline.

The Fellowship will cover the salary + up to 160.000 euros of funding to undertake a specific research project within their field of expertise.

  • Duration of the Fellowships: 4 years
  • Salary: a minimum of 35.000 € Gross / year
  • Other funding: Up to 160.000 € for research costs
  • Nr. of Fellowships to be granted: up to 40 (in Andalusia)
  • Duration of the evaluation and selection process: Up to 9 months from the call closure.
  • Call deadline: 9 July 2020


Be in possession of a PhD, obtained max 12 years and minimum 5 years before the call deadline.


1. Brief Curriculum Vitae (BCV) following the example available on the website of the Agencia Estatal de Investigación, or automatically generated from the Curriculum vitae application, available on the website of Fundación Española de Ciencia y Tecnología (FECYT: https://cvn.fecyt.es/). BCV's maximum length: 4 pages.

2. Brief summary of the candidate's research career, as well as his/her main research interest, highlighting up to 10 of his/her most relevant contributions detailed in the BCV. Summary's maximum length: 2 pages.

3. Research proposal of up to 15 pages, including details of the research that would be developed at the host institution. The research proposal must include the following sections:

a) Outline of the proposal

b) Background to the research

c) Objectives of the research

d) Methodology and work plan

e) Expected results and impact. Dissemination plan.

f) Justified and detailed budget. In the event of subcontracting third parties, state the amount, the companies' profiles, and the research tasks of the subcontracted parties.

The BCV, the summary of the research career and research proposal can be submitted in either English or Spanish and must be written in Noto Sans HK, Times New Roman or Arial font, 11-points size; side margins 2.5 cm; top and bottom margins 1.5 cm; and minimum single-spaced. Information about eligibility and evaluation criteria can not be amended after the call deadline. A careful reading of the call is recommended.

Applicants must register in SICA (website: https://sica2.cica.es) to obtain a username and a password to be able to fill in and send the application form.

Applications must be submitted via the Internet using the electronic submission system of one of the following websites:





1. Curricular merits of the researcher candidate: up to 50 points.

1a. Scientific publications, patents, participation in RTD projects and contracts. Up to 35 points.

1b. Participation in international RTD activities. Up to 15 points.

2. Leadership capacity of the research candidate. Up to 20 points.

3 Quality and potential impact of the research proposal. Up to 30 points.

Eligibility threshold: minimum of 55 points from criteria 1 + 2.

Only candidates that obtain a total score (including the three criteria) above 80 points may be funded.


Researchers interested in applying for these fellowships with IMIBIC should contact us at gestion.proyectos@imibic.org.

Please mention the reference “EMERGIA2020” in the email subject, attach your CV and a short self-evaluation concerning the evaluation criteria 1 and 2.