Interview with European Research Council Starting Grant 2020 Recipient Dr Nikhil Sengupta

Social and Organisational Psychology Lecturer from New Zealand, Dr Nikhil Sengupta, talks to EURAXESS Australia & New Zealand Regional Representative Nishant Shandilya about winning an ERC Starting Grant. 

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About Dr Nikhil Sengupta

Dr Nikhil Sengupta is a Lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Kent.

Dr Sengupta studies how inequality is produced, maintained and challenged, with a strong focus on the psychology of the victims of inequality (eg members of disadvantaged social groups). In one line of work, he has examined the consequences of inequality for people’s wellbeing and the types of socio-political ideologies people use to make sense of inequality.

In another line of work, Dr Sengupta has investigated how contact between and within social groups affect political attitudes relevant to inequality. He approaches these topics primarily by using advanced statistical techniques to analyse data from nationally representative longitudinal surveys in several countries, including New Zealand, India, the UK and the USA.

About the ERC Starting Grant: 

Are you a talented early-career scientist who has already produced excellent supervised work, is ready to work independently and shows potential to be a research leader? The ERC Starting Grant could be for you.

Researchers of any nationality with 2-7 years of experience since completion of PhD (Extensions are possible under certain circumstances — see the latest ERC Work Programme), a scientific track record showing great promise and an excellent research proposal.

Starting Grants | ERC-2021-StG

  • Open: 25-02-2021
  • Deadline: 8-04-2021 

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Result of ERC Starting Grant 2020: