S4D4C Final Networking Meeting

    15/03/2021 - 21:00
    Belgium, Online Conference

S4D4C final networking meeting titled “Addressing Global Challenges Together: the Role of Science Diplomacy” will be taking place online for a week from Monday 15 March to Friday 19 March 2021.

You will find all the relevant information on the networking meeting such as a description of our currently confirmed speakers (more to be added in the upcoming days), a detailed agenda and the option to register for the event

In addition, the event platform hosts the virtual stage where the networking meeting will be streamed and interaction will be possible. Once the registration finalised, attendees can simply log in to the virtual stage.


The virtual stage offers the possibility to connect with other attendees. Participants will also be able to schedule bilateral meetings with one another and to effectively ‘network’ during the conference. This feature will be enabled on March 1.

S4D4C hosts networking events to facilitate effective and efficient interfaces of European and global science diplomacy actors. The first S4D4C networking meeting was held in Madrid in December 2018 and focused on a global perspective based on the reconceptualization of science diplomacy as key to advance in national, regional and global challenges. This resulted in the publication of “The Madrid Declaration on Science Diplomacy”, already endorsed by over 150 experts. The second S4D4C networking meeting, held in Berlin in October 2019, reviewed the European perspective on science diplomacy, displaying our empirical findings from nine research case studies. As a result of both conferences, S4D4C published the policy report “Calling for a systemic change: towards a EU science diplomacy for addressing global challenges“.

This final networking meeting will take place in the context of a pandemic which highlights the importance of the initial objectives of the Horizon 2020 project S4D4C:

  1. to enhance the research understanding of the practice of science diplomacy for addressing global challenges
  2. to provide policy recommendations to better approach science diplomacy, and
  3. build and train a community of science diplomacy practitioners that could provide expertise to tackle global challenges.

More concretely, the final networking meeting will provide the perfect stage to deconstruct the permanent and ad-hoc scientific advisory mechanisms in place to address global challenges, both at the national and international levels; and to operate and prepare ourselves for upcoming global threats preferentially using a science diplomacy approach based on multilateralism and the collaboration of multiple state and non-state stakeholders. This event will address science diplomacy perspectives in view of some of the most palpable global challenges our societies are coping with: climate change, food/water sustainability, cybersecurity, and global pandemics.

The one-week event aims at advancing in the establishment of a lively European and global science diplomacy community while providing its practitioners with additional tools, knowledge and policy recommendations. This final networking meeting will celebrate the end of the S4D4C project, but it will also provide the stage to discuss the legacy of S4D4C and additional outcomes stemming from this European and global discussion around science diplomacy.