ENRICH in Brazil Innovation Challenge

ENRICH in Brazil is calling for Brazilian non-for-profit public/civil organisations and public companies (the so-called challenge owners) in need of innovative solutions to COVID-19 related challenges in the areas of Tourism & Leisure, Digitalization, and Sustainable Development. However, challenges in other areas will also be accepted.

The objective of the Innovation Challenge is to assist those non-profit organizations/companies that already have very scarce resources and offer them a unique service, scouting for innovative and tailored solutions to overcome their specific challenges.

ENRICH in Brazil will select three challenges and then act as an intermediary platform to bring the challenge owners to meet potential solution providers from Europe through a separate call for Solutions! 

The solution types that the challenge owner can look for should be one of the following: an already existing product, service, business model, technology, or process. This Call does not consider challenges that require solutions at the “idea” stage.

Who? Eligibility Criteria*:

  • You are a non-profit organization or non-profit company from public or civil sector, legally established in Brazil;
  • Your business area is one of the following: education, science, technology, innovation, business support
  • You are not related to ENRICH in Brazil, e.g., as Associate or to the CEBRABIC partners;
  • You commit to assess possible sustainability options for the selected solution;
  • You appoint a dedicated “challenge manager” for coordination, who is proficient in English.

*If you are a for-profit Brazilian company, but facing similar challenges in above mentioned areas due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us via brazil@enrichcentres.eu

Check all the information about the call here

Deadline for the challenge call: 15 July 2020.