Assistant professor, Center for Open Education, Hokkaido University

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[Explanation of institution]

Hokkaido University has established the Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education in October 2010 for the higher education goals the University aspires to achieve. The Institute aims at strengthening cooperation between education and research organizations, improving the educational function of the University and promoting research on higher education issues. It comprises four Divisions.

-General Education Division: Plans and coordinates operations to achieve general education (liberal arts and science education)

-Graduate School Education Division: Plans and coordinates operations of such affairs as graduate school common subjects and promotes Program for Leading Graduate Schools

-First Year Education Division: Deals with matters concerning guidance in course registration and study to the first-year students

-Higher Education Research and Development Division: Carries out practical research and study on higher education

There are also four affiliated centers.

-Center for Teaching and Learning: Responsible for training programs to enhance required qualities for the staff working for a higher education institution.

-Center for Open Education: Responsible for enhancing education and learning support by adopting Information and Communications Technology (ICT) from two perspectives: E-learning; and Communication in Science and Technology.

-Sports Training Center: Responsible for enhancing the sports competency of our students in extracurricular activities and improving their sports environment.

-Career Center: Responsible for providing practical and systematic guidance for students to prepare for their future career.

Hokkaido University Institute for the Advancement of Higher Education invites applications for the academic position of assistant professor who will work for E-Learning Program at the Center for Open Education, one of the affiliated centers of the Institute.


[Duties and Responsibilities]

The successful candidate will be responsible for the following:

1) Supporting the development and operation of ELMS (education and learning management system) which is an essential part of education provided at Hokkaido University;

2) Supporting the implementation of online education using digital learning materials provided by ELMS; and

3) Other activities relating to the open education provided at Hokkaido University.


[Starting date]

April 1, 2019


[Probation period]

Three months from the starting date


Application deadline: 19 February

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