Scientific Communication In Practice 2019

    13/06/2019 - 10:00
    Japan, Tokyo
    13/06/2019 - 18:00

What is this event?

This is a pilot event jointly organised by EURAXESS Japan and ELSI, aiming at providing Japan-based students and young researchers with knowledge and tools for their scientific communication needs and endeavours in English.

Students and young researchers from all horizons, disciplines (including humanities and social sciences) and nationalities are welcome. Japanese nationals are particularly encouraged to attend.

To allow trainers to implement practical exercises during their workshops, seats are limited. Potential attendees will need to motivate their wish to participate at registration step (selection of attendees will be performed by the organisation committee if capacity is reached).


Event features

The event will mainly feature three workshops covering a large span of researchers' needs for scientific commmunication training:

  1. Academic writing (papers and grants)

  2. Oral communication (in academic or non-academic setups)

  3. Outreach writing (outwards communication on various supports)

The whole day will propose practical tools and exercises so as for the audience to actively participate and learn.

Where and When?

This year, we propose one full day of training on 13 June (10am start) within the WPI ELSI building, Tokyo Institute of Technology.

SCIP 2019: more info and registration

Scientific Communication In Practice 2019


    ELSI, Tokyo Institute of Technology